The Perseverance rover just recorded the Martian wind

The Perseverance rover just recorded the Martian wind

The whoosh of the Martian wind is eerie.

NASA’s recently-landed Perservance rover is the first rover to record sound on Mars, and the space agency released the car-sized robot’s first recordings on Monday.

It’s also the first time Martian sound has been recorded with a real microphone (NASA’s InSight lander previously picked up some brief audio using a weather-monitoring instrument). To hear these new rover recordings, NASA recommends using headphones. At about six seconds into the short clip, you hear a wind gust on Mars, recorded on Feb. 20, 2021.

“We have recorded sounds from the surface of Mars,” David Gruel, the mission’s Entry, Descent, and Landing Camera Suite Lead, said at a press conference on Monday. Read more…

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