‘Shadow and Bone’ made Tumblr’s dreams come true. Now it’s reaping the fandom rewards.

'Shadow and Bone' made Tumblr's dreams come true. Now it's reaping the fandom rewards.

There’s being a fan of something and there’s being in its fandom. Being in the fandom of any particular property means a person identifies with their love for that thing and seeks out a community of others who love what they love. Fandom is engaging with fanfiction, coming up with headcanons, and fancasting characters for adaptations that might never exist. Fandom’s homeland is Tumblr. 

Tumblr blogs are a social media Swiss army knife that allow users to post text, images, video, links, and gifs individually or combined in posts that at this point have covered the entirety of the human experience and then some. That versatility, combined with the ability to tag posts for searching, lends itself to fostering online fandom in all of its multimedia glory. Tag searching the top posts about Leigh Bardugo’s book Shadow and Bone a year ago would have pulled up thousands of entries ranging from roleplaying blogs to detailed fanart, but searching it today pulls up thousands more about Read more…

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