Politician video calls into debate on distracted driving law while…driving

Politician video calls into debate on distracted driving law while...driving

Sometimes people do things that make you wonder if they were really thinking…like…at all.

Andrew Brenner, a Republican state senator in Ohio, provided a pitch perfect example of such an incident this week.  

The state senate in Ohio is debating a bill that would increase penalties for distracted driving. Brenner — who supports stricter penalties — called into a debate on that bill while driving. Zoom fails are pretty common these days, but this bit of hypocrisy was so easy to avoid. 

Brenner seemed to make a hilariously poor attempt at covering his tracks during the Ohio Controlling Board meeting. After first appearing onscreen for the meeting clearly in his car, he added a background that seemed to be a home office. But, of course, his seat belt was still slung across his chest and the background faded in and out.  Read more…

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