Need a book recommendation? Here are 9 recent releases we loved.

Need a book recommendation? Here are 9 recent releases we loved.

You can’t go wrong with a Netflix binge these days. But for those looking to add some books to their self-isolating downtime, we rounded up some of our recent favorite reads, along with a little guide about which one may be right for you.

We’ve got love stories and historical fanfic, eerie thrillers and moving memoirs. It’s simple, really: These are just nine new books I loved. I hope you will, too. 

If you…

1. …want a challenge that’ll make you think: My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell 

I’ve spent more time thinking about this novel than just about any book I’ve ever read. Everyone should make time to read this disturbing, thoughtful tale (and then, to be clear, @ me, because I just keep wanting to talk about it!). This heartbreaking story centers on a young woman who has a dark secret: For years, since she was a young teen, she’s been having a relationship with her high school English teacher. What seems a clear-cut case of abuse is more complicated in Vanessa’s own mind, where she considers this a misunderstood love story. When more victims come forward years later amongst the #MeToo movement, she has the challenging task of having to recontextualize her life, and wonder how much of a victim she really may have been.  Read more…

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