How to Tie a Bandana on a Dog

Bandanas are fun and fashionable attire that are great for adorning a dog’s neck. Bandanas come in a wide variety of colors with various designs, patterns, and logos. With this wide variety available, there is sure to be one that fits you and your dog’s personality.


[Edit]Picking Out a Bandana

  1. Go to a store or shop online. You can certainly go to the nearest discount store and pick up a pack of traditional red bandanas to use to dress up your dog. However, you can also find great bandanas online through pet retail stores or dog grooming supplies stores.
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  2. Pick an appealing pattern or color. From your favorite sports team, a biker motif, or just a cute and funny pattern, bandanas come in a huge array of patterns. Pick a simple colored bandana or a wild multi-colored pattern, whatever you desire.
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    • Many people enjoy purchasing various themed bandanas for the seasons or various holidays.
    • If you are handy with a sewing machine you can make a bandana from a square of fabric with the edges finished with a simple hem.
  3. Pick the right size bandana. For small dogs or puppies a 14 inch square of cloth is good. For medium sized dogs an 18” square of cloth is good. For large dogs you should get a 22” square and for giant breed dogs a 26” square is needed.[1]
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[Edit]Folding a Bandana

  1. Place the bandana on a smooth, clean surface. It should be unfolded, with the printed side face down. You will need to give yourself enough room so that you can lay it out and fold it easily.
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  2. Fold the bandana into a triangle. Take one corner and fold it across to the corner diagonally opposite it. Smooth the cloth so you have a nice triangle free from wrinkles.
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    • Form a crease along the folded edge you just made.
    • If the bandana will still be too big for the dog you can make another fold. Match together the corners of the longest (just creased) edges together. Smooth the bandana flat once again and crease the folded edge.
  3. Try a more “dapper” fold. Take the just folded bandana and fold the tip opposite the longest edge toward the longest edge of the triangle. Then fold the bandana in half again, so that the tip is concealed inside the fold. Keep folding the bandana until it is the desired size for your dog. Good sizes for dogs based on size include:
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    • 1 inch wide for a small dog
    • 1 ½ inch wide for a medium dog
    • 2 inches wide for a large dog

[Edit]Tying the Bandana on

  1. Tie the bandana on with a square knot. Place the bandana around the dog’s neck. Hold both ends of the bandana, one in each hand. Pass the right end over the left end and then back under the left. Pass the left end over the right end and back under the right.
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    • Tighten the knot by pulling on both ends until they don’t move any further.
  2. Make sure the bandana is fitted correctly on your dog. You need to be able to easily fit two or more of your fingers under the bandana after you’ve tied the knot. If not, untie and retie until it fits properly.
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  3. Adjust the placement of the bandana. Some people prefer the knot on top of the dog’s neck and some under and enjoy. There is no right way to style the bandana!
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  • There are some bandanas that come pre-folded. These are quick and easy to put on your dog.


  • Closely watch your dog while it is wearing the bandana. The bandana can snag and strangle a dog if it catches on a sturdy branch or fence.


[Edit]Quick Summary

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