How to Name an Online Store

You’ve put in the hard work of creating a business, but now you need a name! Take your time to come up with a creative name that describes what you sell or offer. It helps if it’s catchy and easy to remember. By coming up with a thoughtful name and doing your research, you’ll make it easier to connect with customers so your business thrives.


[Edit]Choose a name that describes what you sell.

  1. Customers will immediately be able to tell what you offer. You can be as specific or general as you like. For example, you might call your store The Tea Trading Company so customers know exactly what you sell. You could also use a more general name if you sell a variety of things.[1]
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    • For example, call your store Tea Nutritious if you also sell supplements, essential oils, and other lifestyle goods.

[Edit]Use your real name for a personal touch.

  1. Choose your name or a combination to create a totally unique store. Really unusual names will automatically stand out, but you can still use more common names for your store. Go with just your name, like Townsend’s, or pair your name with what you sell like Smith’s Books.[2]
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    • You can also hyphenate names to make a store—just remember that it should be easy for your customers to remember and find online. For example, combine your last name with a business partner’s last name, like Bennet-Patel.
    • You can use your first name, too! Stick with just the name or pair it with your industry. For example, use Sabine or Sabine’s Flowers.

[Edit]Pick a name that describes everything that you sell or offer.

  1. Instead of listing a single product, your name should speak to your customers. For instance, name your store Optimal Cleaning if you sell a variety of cleaning supplies and equipment for housekeepers.[3]
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    • This type of name casts a broad net for customers. You may gain customers who aren’t exactly sure what they want to buy. For example, someone looking for luxury items like candles or bath bombs might buy several things from a shop called Ultimate Relaxation.

[Edit]Play around with alliteration.

  1. Pair two words that start with the same letter to make a catchy name. One of the words should describe the industry or product you sell. Then, choose a word that adds value or interest and put them together. Titles with alliteration are often easier to remember.[4]
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    • For example, if you sell sheets and bedding that are high quality, you could call your store Luxury Linens. You may call a cutting-edge clothing store Fashion Forward, for instance.

[Edit]Try a name generator.

  1. Generators are great ways to get ideas if you’re feeling stuck. Sometimes, the pressure of coming up with a great name can make it hard to come up with ideas! To get the creative juices flowing, use an online business name generator. You just type in a keyword that you want the title to include, then the site will generate dozens of names for you to choose from.[5]
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[Edit]Select a name that’s easy to spell.

  1. Ensure that your name is easy to search, especially if people hear it. You’ve probably seen websites or stores that take a word and drop a letter or two. Although this might look edgy and you may have a better chance of finding an available domain, people may not remember the specialized spelling, especially if they’re hearing about your store from a friend or radio ad.[6]
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    • For example, instead of naming your store Kitchn Essentials, spell kitchen correctly so people are more likely to find it.

[Edit]Come up with a name customers can remember.

  1. Keep the name short and distinctive so you stand out from the competition. It might help to brainstorm a list of potential store names. Cross off any that are lengthy or sound too similar to stores that sell the same products. Then, wait a few days and look at the list with fresh eyes—think about the name that you remember most or see which name jumps out at you.[7]
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    • Sometimes, time is all you need to narrow down your store name, especially if you keep looking at the same list of names without getting anywhere.

[Edit]Use an acronym for your business name.

  1. Abbreviate or shorten a business name so it’s catchier. This is really useful if you already have a name that’s several words long. Instead of going with a lengthy store name, shorten it to just the first letter of each word. For example, instead of using Global Book Store, you could use GBS.[8]
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    • Consider using an acronym if the domain name for the full name is already taken.

[Edit]Go with your brand name if you have an established business.

  1. Use the name of your product if you want customers to identify your brand. If you have a creatively named product that you sell, it’s totally fine to use the name for your store. For example, if you have a luxury clothing line called Republic Cashmere, call your online store Republic Cashmere, too![9]
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    • Keep in mind that it might take a while for your brand name to rank high on search engines.

[Edit]Ask for feedback.

  1. Find out what friends and family think about the store name. They’ll give you valuable first impressions like what they think about when you say the name or if it reminds them of other stores. If you have an unusual name, ask them if they could spell it to type it into a browser.[10]
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    • Keep in mind that you might need to make slight adjustments based on their feedback. They may tell you that the name is too similar to another brand or that it’s too long, for instance.

[Edit]Check the domain name availability.

  1. You can also run searches about similar domain names. This can prevent confusion or legal issues if your store name is too similar to a trademarked name. To see if a name is available, type it into a domain name search engine. It will tell you if the name is available or if someone already owns it.[11]
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    • Read the fine print to see how often you’ll need to renew your domain name registration. Some sites renew every year or you could ask about 5 to 10-year renewal options.

[Edit]Trademark the store name.

  1. Prevent other people from using your store name to protect your brand. This is especially important if you plan on expanding your business or think you might sell it in the future. Check with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the name so you have administrative control over it.[12]
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  • Give yourself time to come up with the name. If you’re under a lot of pressure to quickly name your store, it can be hard to come up with a name you really like.


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