How to Make an Idea Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest continues to carve out a crucial space on the Internet, empowering creators and innovators to share their content and cultivate their own personal aesthetics. The social media app’s latest innovation is the Idea Pin, a new way for users to share content and connect with their followers. At their core, Idea Pins are Pinterest’s version of stories. They allow users to share video content that is both high-quality and long-lasting. We’ll break down how you can start creating Idea Pins of your own.


  1. Check and see if your account is eligible to post Idea Pins. You must have a Pinterest business account in order to post Idea Pins. All such accounts should have received an e-mail from Pinterest inviting you to use the new feature.
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    • If you believe you should be eligible, but did not receive an e-mail, you can request access to Idea Pins at
    • You can convert your personal Pinterest account to a business account to access the feature.
    • Anyone can view and interact with Idea Pins, if even if you cannot yet post them yourself.
  2. Log into your Pinterest account and click “Create.” Creating an Idea Pin is just like creating any other post on Pinterest. Simply log into your account on mobile or desktop, and click the “Create” button. Then choose “Create Idea Pin.”
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    • Make sure the e-mail address associated with your account matches the one that received the Idea Pin invitation.
  3. Accept Pinterest’s Creator Code. When you go to create your first Idea Pin, you will be prompted to accept Pinterest’s Creator Code, a pledge to abide by Pinterest’s community guidelines. You must accept this pledge before creating your Idea Pin. Simply click “I agree” to continue.[1]
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  4. Gather your favorite photos or videos. An Idea Pin depends upon external footage, so be sure to snap a few photos or record a video. Think about your business and what you hope to convey with your Idea Pins. A culinary account may want to record a recipe tutorial, or a fashion account may want to share a few outfit inspirations.
    Make an Idea Pin on Pinterest Step 4.jpg
    • An Idea Pin may consist of 1-20 images/videos.
    • Keep in mind that Idea Pins are in the aspect ratio 9:16.
  5. Import your footage and customize your Idea Pin. Click the arrow to select the pictures/videos you’d like to incorporate. Each picture/video makes up a “page” of your Idea Pin. You can customize each page by altering the background color, resizing/cropping the image, and adding text.
    Make an Idea Pin on Pinterest Step 5.jpg
    • Start with only a few images/videos, as you can always click the plus sign and add more at any time
    • On your computer, you can edit multiple pages at once by holding down Shift on your keyboard.
  6. Click “Next” and title your Idea Pin. When ready, complete your Idea Pin and give it a title. Make sure it is both intriguing and relevant to your topic. You must also choose a public board to save your Idea Pin to. You can also create your own board if none of the options feel relevant.
    Make an Idea Pin on Pinterest Step 6.jpg
    • Also be sure to tag your Idea Pin with relevant topics so people can find your work! You may add up to 10 tags.
    • You can also list ingredients or notes on the bottom of your Idea Pin, if necessary.
  7. Publish your Idea Pin! Once you have designed your Idea Pin to your liking, and tailored its settings accordingly, you are ready to publish your Idea Pin. Simply click “Publish” and your Idea Pin will go live!
    Make an Idea Pin on Pinterest Step 7.jpg
    • If you notice a mistake in your Idea Pin, do not fret! You can edit or delete your Idea Pin at any time.
    • If you are not ready to post your Idea Pin, you can also save it as a draft. Android users can store one Idea Pin as a draft, while iPhone users can store up to 3GB of Idea Pins. Desktop users have unlimited draft storage.


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