How to Find Uses for Fabric Scraps

Do you have a box or bag of fabric scraps that’s been lingering around your home for a while now? Do you need a justification to keep them hanging around? There are all kinds of fun and useful things you can make out of those favorite scraps that you don’t want to let go of! You’re sure to find at least a few different scrappy projects to try on this list of ideas.


[Edit]Canning jar covers

  1. Secure fabric scraps over the tops of jars with a string. Center a fabric scrap over a canning jar and push the edges down over the sides of the lid. Tie a colorful bow around it and voila! These would make great gifts for friends and family, too.[1]

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[Edit]Scented sachets

  1. Sew scraps into square pouches and fill them with dried lavender. Grab a rectangular scrap of fabric or 2 square pieces of fabric. Sew the 2 sides into a pouch, leaving a hole large enough to fit the spout of a small funnel into. Pour dried lavender into the pouch through a funnel, then finish sewing it up. Stick the sachets in drawers and cupboards to freshen them up![2]

[Edit]Wall hangings

  1. Frame fabric in embroidery hoops. Get some embroidery hoops of different sizes and choose a few fabric scraps with fun and colorful patterns. Secure the fabric in the hoops and hang them up around your home to brighten up your walls![3]


  1. Turn scraps into bows for decorative uses. Use a bobby pin to secure the bows in your hair. Or, attach them to a bag to give it a bit of flair. You can even stick a bow on your pet’s collar! Alternatively, tie a bow around a hair tie to use to keep your hair together in a ponytail or a bun.[4]

[Edit]Paperclip bookmarks

  1. Tie fabric scraps around paper clips. Simply tie the middle of any skinny scrap of fabric around 1 end of a paperclip, so the ends of the scrap are sticking up and out to opposite sides, kind of like the letter “Y.” Slide the paperclip over a page in a book you’re reading to mark your place.[5]


  1. Sew pieces of fabric into double-sided squares. Use a different color or pattern on each side, so you get 2 different coasters in each one! Use the coasters on wooden tabletops and other surfaces where you want to prevent rings and other stains.[6]


  1. Quilt a bunch of scraps into a one-of-a-kind pillow cover. Or, sew scraps onto an existing pillow to create accents like flowers or ruffles. You can even sew an extra-long pillow to use up a bunch of scraps at once.[7]


  1. Make little triangle-shaped ornaments to decorate a Christmas tree. Or, cover a styrofoam ball with fabric scraps to make a ball ornament for decorating at the holidays. Alternatively, you can use ball ornaments to fill bowls for centerpieces or hallway tables.[8]

[Edit]Light switch covers

  1. Glue fabric around light switch covers to brighten them up. Remove a light switch cover plate from your wall. Cut a fabric scrap to a little bit larger than the plate, so it can wrap around all the edges. Use mod podge or white glue to glue the edges of the fabric to the backside of the plate. Cut out a slot in the middle of the fabric where the hole for the switch is.[9]

[Edit]Fabric garlands

  1. Tie strips of fabric along a string. Mix and match different colors and patterns to achieve the look you want. Hang the string up above your mantel or anywhere else you want to add a bit of boho-chic decor. You could make custom garlands for holidays or special events, such as baby showers.[10]

[Edit]Lamp shades

  1. Tie strips over a wire lampshade frame. Pick lighter colors and patterns with white in them, so the light can shine through. Or, leave gaps between the strips of fabric for a really scrappy vintage look. You can make your lampshade as neat or as messy as you want![11]

[Edit]Fabric pots

  1. Decoupage fabric over flower pots for unique home decor. Lay a scrap backside-up on a flat surface and set the pot you want to cover in the middle of it. Brush mod podge or white glue all over the sides of the pot. Carefully smooth the fabric over the sides of the pot to cover it up.[12]

[Edit]Key rings

  1. Sew fabric scraps into shapes around metal key rings. For example, sew them into circles with little tabs that stick out and loop around the key rings. Or, sew the scraps into long rectangles with the key rings attached at 1 end.[13]

[Edit]Protective cases

  1. Make protective pouches out of a few different scraps. Sew the cases to fit around different items like your phone or your glasses. You can even sew clips into the cases so you can attach them to a bag or a belt loop.[14]


  1. Sew scraps around magnets to use on your fridge. Buy some plain magnets and wrap different small fabric scraps around them. Sew the fabric scraps tightly in the back to secure the magnets inside them. Use them to stick notes, takeout menus, photographs, and other things to your fridge![15]

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