How to delete apps on your iPhone

How to delete apps on your iPhone

It’s all well and good getting excited about the latest iPhone app and downloading it to your device, but when the novelty has worn off, it’s not obvious to know how to get rid of it. 

Whether you’re trying to make space on your iPhone, tidy up your home screen, spend less time on Instagram, or have security concerns, this guide will show you how to delete unwanted iPhone apps, whatever version of the iPhone iOS you are currently on. 

Read on to find out how to properly, finally, for once and for all, delete your iPhone apps. 

How to delete iPhone apps on devices running iOS 13 and older 

Deleting iPhone apps on older devices is very straightforward. While on the home screen which contains the app you want to be deleted, press and hold (“long press”) on any app until they begin to jiggle. Once they start to move in what Apple calls “jiggle mode,” any third-party apps you have downloaded will then have an “X” appear at the top left of the app icon.  Read more…

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