How to Celebrate Your Birthday in Quarantine

Birthdays are all about fun and celebration, which can be pretty hard to come by during the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t worry—there are plenty of ways you can enjoy your special day, even if your options are a little more limited than they usually are. Pick and choose from this birthday list and see what options work best for you!


[Edit]Host a virtual birthday party.

  1. Invite your friends and family members to “stop by” at a certain time. Host a call over a video-sharing platform, like Zoom or Skype, and let your loved ones know when they can join the fun. Digital birthday parties are great for people of all ages, and a fun and safe way to stay connected on your special day.[1]
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    • A virtual happy hour might also be up your alley.

[Edit]Play virtual games with friends.

  1. Create a custom trivia game with your loved ones. Ask your friends and relatives to come up with special questions about you, which will serve as the “trivia.” Host a video call on your special day, then go around in a circle and quiz each other with the different trivia questions, and see who comes out the victor.[2]
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    • Charades are another fun game to play with friends—plus, they’re great for birthday parties of all ages!
    • Online games are another fun way to bring everyone together! Jackbox Games, Heads Up!, and Minecraft are some great ways to stay connected on your special day.

[Edit]Schedule a drive-by birthday celebration.

  1. Pick a time and empty parking lot where people can meet. Encourage people to park at the lot and line up their cars in a circle, while practicing social distancing. After you arrive, everyone can crank up the car speakers and play “Happy Birthday” for you![3]
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    • You can also have a line of cars drive by your home on your special day, like a parade.

[Edit]Hold a digital movie night.

  1. Invite your loved ones to marathon some of your favorite movies. Apps like “Netflix Party” let you host and watch movies together, even if everyone’s stuck at home. Pick out a fun movie that you can watch while relaxing and kicking back with your friends.[4]
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    • Unfortunately, “Netflix Party” is limited to movies on Netflix. Amazon Watch Party, Metastream, and Scener are also great options.[5]

[Edit]Get takeout.

  1. Browse a delivery app to see what restaurants are in your area. Pick out whatever food you’re craving, and order it to be delivered straight to your door. Order this food around lunch or dinner, so you can enjoy your favorite food as a special birthday meal![6]
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[Edit]Decorate your home.

  1. Hang up decorations all over your home so you feel festive. Blow up some balloons and dangle some streamers—use whatever you have lying around, or drop by a party store to pick up some new supplies. If your home looks really festive, you’re sure to feel really festive, too.[7]
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    • If you’d really like to get in the spirit of quarantine, use toilet paper as streamers instead.
    • You can also put up a birthday yard sign, so your neighbors know that it’s your special day.[8]

[Edit]Get a birthday cake delivered.

  1. Browse online for your dream birthday cake. Look through local bakeries and sweet shops and see what they have available. Schedule for the cake to arrive on your special day, so you don’t have to worry about baking a cake from scratch at home.[9]
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    • You can also whip up your own cake from scratch!

[Edit]Create an online wishlist.

  1. Organize everything you’d like on a wishlist. Use a digital platform like Amazon to collect all of your gift ideas in 1 place. Pick out some gift ideas that are great for being stuck at home, like noise-cancelling headphones, a cozy throw blanket, gift cards, special candles, and more. Send this link to your friends and loved ones, so they all know what you want for your birthday![10]
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[Edit]Invite your friends to stop by your home.

  1. Say hi to your friends at a distance. Invite your pals to stop by your home and wave from your front yard or porch. This is a great way to see your loved ones on your special day while still keeping a safe distance![11]
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    • As a special touch, your friends can drop off gifts and treats on your front porch.[12]

[Edit]Give yourself a homemade spa day.

  1. Relax and unwind with a delightful bath. Browse online for some spa essentials, like bath salts, scented candles, face masks, and good reading material. Draw yourself a warm bath, and give yourself as much time as you need to chill out in the tub.[13]
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[Edit]Dress up for your special day.

  1. Wear your favorite outfit even if you aren’t going out. Go through your wardrobe and search for your favorite clothes—this might be a special dress, a nice suit, or anything that makes you look and feel your very best. If you’re interested, freshen up with a bit of makeup. It’s your special day, and you deserve to look the part![14]
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[Edit]Dance around your home.

  1. Create a special party playlist you can jam out to. Broadcast the music on your phone or some portable speakers and rock out to the music! You don’t need to have an official party to bust out some killer dance moves. If you live with other people, invite them to get in on your dance party, too.[15]
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    • Go all out for your impromptu dance party by shifting the furniture around.

[Edit]Go to a virtual concert with your friends.

  1. Check online to see what bands are hosting a livestream online. Give your friends a time to log on, and enjoy lots of live music together! There are a lot of different options you can choose from, depending on your interests.[16]
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    • For instance, groups like the Metropolitan Opera and Royal Albert Hall host several livestream events.

[Edit]Host a video game birthday party.

  1. Invite your gaming friends over for an in-game celebration. Host a party in an open-world game that a lot of your friends play. Invite them over to your “realm” on your special day, so all your avatars can digitally celebrate together![17]
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    • Games from the Animal Crossing franchise make a big deal out of your birthday. You can even send out party invites using the in-game post office.


  • To get in the spirit of things, ask your friends and relatives to send over quarantine-themed birthday cards to your home.[18]
  • Treat yourself with a special food basket or gift box! Schedule it so that it arrives at your home on your big day.[19]


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