How to Be Funny Texting a Girl

Making a girl laugh is a great way to keep her interested in your conversation, especially when you’re texting back and forth. Plus, if you’re trying to impress a girl, making her laugh is a great way to her heart. Try using some of these methods the next time you’re texting a girl to get a few chuckles or even a full on belly laugh!



  1. Get a feel for her sense of humor. Not everyone laughs at the same things, so you might have to do a little digging. Try texting for a few minutes to see what she thinks is funny.[1]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 1.jpg
    • She might like dark humor, cute animal pics, funny compliments, stupid puns, or all of the above!
  2. Try a goofy pun. A pun, or a play on words, is a great way to get someone to laugh (or even groan). You can make one up yourself or try one of the classics, like:[2]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 2.jpg
    • “What do computers eat for a snack? Microchips!”
    • “What do you call a bear with no ears? B.”
    • “What did the man say when he walked into a bar? Ouch!”
  3. Create an inside joke. You can make a funny situation out of almost anything as long as it’s unique to you two. If you know her in person, try talking about something that happened at school or work. If you’re just texting, use your conversation as an inside joke. For example:[3]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 3.jpg
    • “I respect you for texting me first.” “Well I respect you for respecting me.” “I respect you for respecting me for respecting you!”
  4. Send her a goofy meme. Memes are sure to make anyone laugh, and they’re a great way to start a conversation. Look on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for a funny picture that you know she’d like.[4]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 4.jpg
    • You could also send a gif for a more interactive meme.
    • She might even start sending you memes back!
  5. Link her to a funny video. Everyone likes to watch silly animals falling over. If you run out of things to say, search YouTube for the funniest kitten video you can find and send her a link.[5]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 5.jpg
    • Say something like, “watch this if you want to make your day 1000% better.”
    • Shorter videos are better than longer videos. Try to stick to ones that are only a few minutes long.


  1. Talk about a celebrity crush. Your first celebrity crush might be a little embarrassing, which can lead to a funny conversation! Ask the girl you’re texting about her celebrity crush before diving into your own.[6]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 6.jpg
    • “Who was your first celebrity crush? Mine was Will Ferrell from the movie Elf.”
  2. Spark a conversation with a “would you rather” question. These hypothetical scenarios can be super funny and a lot to talk through. Come up with a few scenarios to ask the girl you’re texting, like:[7]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 7.jpg
    • “Would you rather eat a can of cat food or 2 rotten tomatoes?”
    • “Would you rather have your grandma’s hairstyle or fashion sense?”
    • “Would you rather have hands instead of feet or feet instead of hands?
  3. Start a conversation with some thought-provoking questions. These “deep” questions are sure to get a chuckle from the girl you’re texting. Plus, they’ll give you a lot to talk about! For example:[8]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 8.jpg
    • “Is cereal soup? Why or why not?”
    • “What conspiracy theory would you like to start?”
    • “If animals could talk, which ones would be the rudest?”
    • “What’s the most imaginative insult you can come up with?”


  1. Keep things lighthearted. Even if you really like this girl, don’t take yourself too seriously. Just try to keep things friendly and fun![9]
    Be Playful over Text Step 6.jpg
    • However, do try to find subtle ways to let your crush know that you like her—you don’t want it to be all super-silly jokes all the time![10]
  2. Try a cheesy pickup line. When you know how bad a pickup line is, you can make it super funny. Go for a classic, like:[11]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 9.jpg
    • “I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!”
    • “I ought to complain to Spotify for you not being named this week’s hottest single.”
    • “Do you happen to have a bandaid? I scraped my knees falling for you.”
  3. Compliment her with a joke. You can come up with a flirtatious way to give your crush a compliment while still making her chuckle. This works best if you know a little bit about her, so save it until you get to know her. For example:[12]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 10.jpg
    • “You work out so much, you’re giving The Rock a run for his money.”
    • “I guess your parents are bakers, because they made you such a cutie pie!”
  4. Accuse her of flirting with you. This is a great way to catch her off guard and make her chuckle. Even if you’ve been the one flirting with her, you can still use lines like:[13]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 11.jpg
    • “Hey, stop thinking about me!”
    • “I’m trying to be productive, but your flirting keeps distracting me.”
    • “I didn’t realize we had moved past the friendly phase and onto the flirty one.”
  5. Sprinkle in a few strategic emojis. Since you’re texting, you have the opportunity to add faces or emojis to every message. Try using them sparingly, like adding a kissy face to a pickup line or a heart eyes face to a flirty question.[14]
    Be Funny Texting a Girl Step 12.jpg
    • Going overboard with emojis can turn some people off. Try to only use 1 or 2 per message to keep it cool and casual.


  • If she doesn’t text back right away, don’t take it personally! She might just be busy with other things.


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