All 185 episodes of ‘The Office,’ ranked

All 185 episodes of 'The Office,' ranked

An obsession is a funny thing. It happens while you aren’t looking. 

For me, I realized The Office bordered on obsession when it began creeping into my daily existence. It went from being a show I enjoyed to being every other reference in my conversations.

I’d be out for drinks with a buddy, talking about their major career decision. I’d try to be thoughtful, but the only wisdom I could muster was Jim picking up the phone and telling Athlead he was in. Or it’d be a rainy day and suddenly I was recounting Phyllis’ 12 cliches. Or someone would mention an injury and, presto, I’d be quoting Creed: “You ever notice you can only ooze two things? Sexuality and pus.” Read more…

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